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Related post: Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 19:56:50 EDT From: Toni Podols Subject: Randi22Randi XXII is another departure from the adventure continuum. I have been experimenting with teen model story vignettes, short stories of fantasy. They were written specifically for my own baby sister naked littlegirl models and for a very few friends. Once in a while, I shall throw one out for your approval.I would very much 14y bikini models appreciate any and all response to these little ones. I enjoy creating them and I hope you enjoy them, too.Please understand. The inflection bianca reese model "Little Sister" and "Big Sister" do not indicate incest. Merely a term used to denote love and affection.And, now. . .A Little AffairPart I -- Sneaky LindaThe sharp sting of illegal teenmodels the hot water pouring from the showerhead felt so wonderful, she hardly noticed the sudden cool blast of air against her wet back, sending a tingle throughout her body. teen modeling sitesd american railroad models Then, Randi felt her. Strong, yet gentle hands touching her wet body, small, firm breasts with hardened nipples touching her back, she watched the delicate hands reaching around her body cuties kids models to encompass her breasts, gently squeezing the soft flesh, fingers pinching her nipples. Randi squealed as she felt the hot lips touch the delicate flesh at the back of her neck and turned around to face her sweet baby sister."Mmmmmmmmmmm," Randi murmured as Linda's lips found hers, her eager tongue diving into her mouth, searching for and easily galery models finding hers. "Linda, my sweet little sister, what are you doing to me?" demonia teen model She murmured, breaking the kiss youngmodelscom sabrina and leaning back against the wall."Perks of being my darling love's love", Linda whispered, her hands caressing Randi's shoulders, her arms. "I felt my big sister was having a crisis teen model krissy and needed her little sister to btm models satisfy her emergency needs," as her fingers traced the line of Randi's pussy slit. sexy woman models "Isn't this model top list an emergency?" she whispered, her evil smile and moving fingers making Randi's pussy drip even more.Reaching past Randi, asia models nude Linda grasped the hanging bar of soap and began to lather her hands. Soft, slippery hands began to soap her shoulders and arms, her armpits as Randi leaned back again, her body flush with the wall. Her eyes closed, she relished the feel of the supple fingers massaging the lather into her breasts, rolling them around on her chest. God, what a way to wake up in the morning, a gentle, massaging shower with a delightful nymph, slippery fingers squeezing her nipples. Randi felt Linda's lips licking off the lather as she sucked hard at lollita models her right tittie, her tongue wrapping around her steel-hard nipple. Suddenly, strong teeth grasped her little gumdrop, lightly chewing on it, bella models ny tongue tickling across the tip instinctively. childmodelhot Her hands came up to hold Linda's face against her breast, spasms of mini-orgasms coursing through her body. Randi groaned her passion as Linda's lips russia naked model skipped across her chest to her left breast and repeated her laving action.Linda began to soap Randi's tummy, teen model usernet rubbing her with indian topless models slippery hands that stopped models kids porn momentarily as her fingers slid into her belly button, pushing deep, further stoking her fires. Randi's legs were already weakened as Linda's hands slid down to her dark fuck hard model bush, pulling on the hairs, then rubbing hard. Randi nude preten modeling opened her eyes so see the delicate features, the long, fiery red hair, the flashing green aternative nude models eyes as Linda knelt before her, her hands now touching her dripping pussy. She watched as Linda placed her pale cheek against her pussy, hands sliding behind her, lathering her ass. She tenses as fingers slid into her crevice, moving the lather all over her tiny asshole, fingers sliding easily photo lesbian model into her opening. At that point, Randi's legs refused to hold model boobs her and she slid down to her knees.Following Randi down to the flooded tiles, Linda lay on the floor, pulling Randi's models littel pedo magnificent body atop hers, feeling her breasts being 14yo panty model dwarfed by Randi's wonders, their nipples touching. Randi attacked Linda's soft lips with a vengeance, tasting the soap that covered their bodies, her hands immediately grasping Linda's small, perfect breasts, pressing, rolling her breasts, model russian xxx her lips locked hairy preeteen models to Linda's, their cunts grinding into each others."Oh, God, Randi, my big tgp model boy sister, you are so good to me," Linda moaned, her hands stroking Randi's back, her ass, dipping into her asshole, everywhere her hands could reach."My sweet little sister, my little, little sister, oh, God," Randi whispered, her hands stroking Linda's soft, pale flesh. puberty models photos Gently moving off Linda's body, she sat beside her, reached out and underware female models took her right leg, her hands stroking Linda's softness, moving down her inner thigh to her delicious pussy. She cubby teen model watched Linda writhe under bobbie model her touch, her fingers touching nn teeen models her bald pussy, finding and sliding into her pussy hole. Linda let out a loud cry of passion, her hands grasping Randi's, pulling myusenst models petite her long, strong fingers deeper into her pussy.Randi turned around to face Linda, placing her leg beneath Linda's raised leg, bringing her pulsating cunt directly against hers. As their cunts touched, both Randi and Linda screamed aloud as they began to drive against each other, rocking hard, fucking each other, their cunts grinding amateur model new hard. Randi's hands reached out to Linda's hips, pulling her cunt harder Mature mother models against hers, her lips dipping to suck black women models hard at Linda's nipples."Oh, God, God, God, Randi," Linda screamed, louder than the sound of the pouring water. Harder and harder they rocked, sliding around in the hot steam of the shower, the hot stream of water falling directly onto our joined pussies. Stars exploded behind Randi's eyes as her orgasm began to climb, matching the urgent screams coming from Linda's lips. At last, her hands slid down to grasp Linda's muscular, delicious ass, her fingers sinking deep young models cartoons into her clutching asshole, pulling her hard against me as her hawaii top models orgasm hit full force."Oh, God, Randi!" Linda screamed as it hit her so hard, their scissoring legs arched and pushed until movie sex model suddenly both women froze, screaming their passions together, their hands flying to each other's faces to kiss deeply, soulfully, their bollybood nude models passionate nasty teen models squeals lost within each other's mouths.As one, Randi and Linda collapsed in a heap, ls model thumb the shower continuing to pound on their flesh. They lay together on the shower tiles for several minutes, holding each other, cuddling, stroking. At last, they stared at each other, their eyes locking amy keane model until, as one, they began to laugh uncontrollably, rollicking on the floor like two school children. Rand struggled to her feet and pulled Linda up, reaching again for the soap. With soapy hands, Randi cleaned up all the missed juicies all around Linda's delicious, sweet pussy, her inner thighs, her asshole. Returning the favor, Linda cleansed Randi.Randi turned off the shower and sarah teen models led models triplets Linda from the bathroom. Taking her hand, she pulled her into the crook of her arm and they walked together, hips touching, arms around each other's waists, to the master bedroom. Randi gently deposited her friend onto the bed and walked around to the other side of the bed. Slipping under the covers, she reached for Linda, smiling at the gentle snore young ass model softly breathing from her.Part II -- A Small PaybackAs the first rays of daylight filtered through the curtains to cast morning shadows on the bed, Randi stretched her long, smooth arms and let ny chocolate models a small yawn escape her lips. Her arm settled onto the pillow next to her and, surprised not to touch the form of the sleeping Linda, she turned to find her space empty, the depression in the model russian sex pillow lexy model tgp still visible."Linda? Are you in the bathroom?" Randi called lightly, a warm flush bringing a tiny, delicious smile."Morning, my Randi," a tiny voice called out."In the bathroom? Need some help?" Randi thought of sneaking into the bathroom to help her lover. Then, she stopped. The voice had certainly sounded strange."Linda? Are you alright?" Randi had begun to worry. Something is wrong, she thought. Crawling over her little sister's half of the bed she mom nude models began to call again."Hey! Ouch! Randi, you're crushing me," Linda angel blonde model cried.Stopping suddenly, Randi began to look around the room, suddenly panicking."Linda? Little sister, where are you?" She cried."Right beneath you, Randi. Watch out!"Glancing down, Randi's topmodelteen breathing suddenly slammed to a quick young models fucking halt. amature bra models Beneath her, trapped between her breasts, pic model boy was Linda. Or, what had become of Linda. She was there, all right. All two inches of her!Lowering her face down to Linda's level, she crossdresser model call stared, blinking, at the doll sized little sister."Linda? Is that you?" she asked, staring at the naked, perfectly formed girl."Yep! It's me! Wow, this is so cool! I'm a miniature! Do you believe this? Hee hee!" The tiny latina models fucking Linda jumped up and began to do somersaults across the bed to the pillow, climbing up to deposit herself in the depression made so recently by her normal-sized head."Well, what do you think? Isn't this great? Now, I can go everywhere with you, latin young model in your purse, in your travel bag. And, think of the savings in food, clothing? Wow!""Linda, what happened? What did you do? Oh, God. Your mother is coming from Paris and she knows you're with fashion model florida me! How do I return her daughter in a Barbie Doll box!" Randi sat back, her face in her hands, shaking."Randi, no. Please stop. Look, all I know is that I had this weird dream last night. For all I know, I'm still in the dream. But, for now, this is so great!" She cried, crawling down to run to Randi, reaching up high to grab Randi's nipple, hanging so far above her face, just our of her reach. As Randi leaned down, Linda took young models index the sexy pre models beautiful orb in both her tiny hands and opened her mouth wide, bringing the nipple fully into her mouth. God, she shy model pics could barely get it into her mouth, yet it was so delicious. Her tiny hands began making little tickling movements around the areola, teasing it, reaching down to squeeze the delicious breast."Linda! What are you doing? Oh, my God, illegal boy models this is so topless lingerie model . teen model lucie . brizilian nude models . weird! How am I going . . . oh, damn, little sister, stop it. I can't think . . . model 14 teen oh, Goddd. Don't . . . Oh, Linda!" lalana model down Randi cried as Linda refused to stop her sucking and squeezing action. Randi brought her hands down and to hold the tiny essence against her."Oh, Randi," Linda cried, releasing the hard nipple. "Be careful, big lady. You must be gentle with your little sister," she giggled as she rubbed herself against the giant hand. Randi fell over onto her back, her mind in turmoil at this twisting mature women models of fate. Her mind wandered, trying to figure out what she had done to be so deserving of preview models tgp this strange turn of events."Yipe!" Randi screamed.Linda had crawled between the giant's thighs, kissing their inner surfaces as she walked toward her ultimate destination. She watched the gigantic doorway to her pleasure palace opening and shutting as she approached. "Linda, what are you hairy model pussy . . free model porn . Oh, shit!"Linda had reached her destination and had grabbed large handholds onto Randi's pussy lips, squeezing them, licking the large brasilian teen models entranceway into Randi's body. She tessa alissa model felt the first quick shower of Randi's juices splash onto her head, soaking her thick black braid. Laughing hysterically, she rubbed it into her scalp. Reaching up, she took hold of Randi's clittie, so heavy, so swollen, she held the huge appendage in her hands, preten topmodel com rubbing it, moving it all around, feeling the heat of it as she licked preeteen model nn it, bit on it."Oh, my God, Linda, what are you doing? Don't go in there! Please, I can't childsupermodels top 100 . . . oh, my God!" Randi screamed as she felt the tiny entity begin to enter her body. She felt the tiny legal model touch of bare feet brigitte model and arms as Linda began to enter her vaginal canal. Dropping to her hands and knees, Linda touched the surfaces beneath her feet, hairless models the walls at arm's distance, moving roughly into her love. Standing just inside the doorway, she stood, reaching to the ceiling to find Randi's elusive G spot, rubbing it, massaging it as more of Randi's juices flowed tiny models nude past her feet.Suddenly Randi tensed, feeling the onset of an enormous orgasm. Linda sensed it too, the surface beneath her hands and feet beginning to grow intensely hot. She increased her stimulation of Randi's G spot and hugged her clittie hard, biting its edges. Suddenly, the floor seemed to slide from beneath her feet, the sounds deafening as a thick, white flow of juices flew through sandra model cute the channel before her and engulfed her. She felt herself being lifted into the flow and expelled from Randi's opening onto a towel between Randi's legs.Catching her breath, her heart beating like a wild drummer, Randi glanced down through glazed eyes at the sight between her legs, watching as a laughing Linda thrashed her arms and legs around in a puddle of roxy model come, trying in vain to swim."Linda, come here this instant!" Randi cried, trying unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh. Dripping and struggling, Linda stood up and immediately slipped and fell on her ass with a loud splat in the middle of the puddle. Laughing, Randi took one arm and carefully lifted the little one onto the palm russian schoolgirl models of her hand. Staring at the tiny, drenched doll, she couldn't facebook nude models resist. She leaned down and touched Linda with her tongue, licking the soft little lady with the delicious juicy coating. Tasting her own come that covered the little one, her giant tongue licked Linda's arms, her chest, her little breasts, her ass, her teen lily model legs. Every part of her, tasting all of your juices, cleaning her british models nude body of all her covering. Spreading her tiny legs apart, japan sex model she touched the tip of her tongue against Linda's pussy, causing her baby sister to tingle and begin to shake."Oh, Randi, Randi, yes," Linda moaned, feeling the powerful tongue tease her pussy, quickly bringing her to an amazing, powerful orgasm."Oh, God, Randi, dominatrix model Randi," Linda cried, over and over, tiffiny teen model her mind swirling in a mist of orgasmic ecstasy. As Linda cried out, louder and louder, shaking, she felt the touch of Randi. Oh, God, I'm in heaven, she thought."You certainly are, my lovely little sister," Randi whispered, her tongue teasing the edges of Linda's ear. Suddenly, Linda shot up in bed, staring at a stunned Randi. "Little sister, are you all right?" she said, worry creasing her beautiful brow."Randi," Linda began, staring down at jade models her body. "I'm back", she whispered."Well, of course you are, darling. Are you all right"?Oh, damn, playtoy young models Linda thought. Just young model pix when I was having so much fun, it turns out to have been a dream. Snuggling up to her love, Linda glanced down between her lover's legs. Into a large puddle of come. And, in the middle, clearly, the outline of a snow model pack 21 angel, made by a very, very, very tiny girl.Look for Randi XXIII in the near future! Please send comments and suggestions to my toni526 hotmail address.
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